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Low-Level Exchanges

How often do you have low-level exchanges? I know you are thinking about what is considered “low-level”. To me, low-level means the content of the exchange only serves the old version of me. The old version of me enjoyed conversations about current events in the social media world, who has the latest album or this week’s sports scores. I had these exchanges at least 3 times a week. It didn’t matter how burned out I felt afterward or if I bettered myself, either way I would gladly answer the next call. In the last 365 days, I haven’t had as much time for those exchanges. There is a point in everyone's life where we prioritize what challenges us to get better. This has absolutely nothing to do with money, business or careers but everything to do with peace. This word is severely overused but important. Anyway let's get into why I am typing this blog.

This week has been mentally draining. Not only am I in my second week of a new job but it’s also month nineteen of the pandemic. Weeks like this are where low-level exchanges tend to wear on me. Simply because I do not have the energy to entertain them. Have you ever seen someone calling and you know they are about to waste your time? Me too and that’s why I have learned that my time is my peace. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I won’t be there for the people who are there for me. However, I am saying that there is a limit to all external obstacles because we all have enough s*** going on. At this point, most of these exchanges blindside me, meaning the exchange did not start “low-level” but damn sure ended that way. As a result it took another level of discipline to pull myself out of being drained but I did it. Resiliency isn’t always in life changing events but in the week to week battles we face.

I am writing this to let you know that you are in control of what you allow in your environment. Some weeks are about getting to the next level of peace and other weeks are about maintaining your current level of peace. You can’t let people shift your emotions. You always want to be as centered as possible. I understand low-level exchanges are person specific but we are all dealing with it. Stay you and stay winning.

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