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Frozen progress isn't always bad

Do you share your positive weeks as much as your negative ones? I would say 90 percent of people spend most of their time venting instead of celebrating. This was one of the most fulfilling weeks I’ve had this year. Do not get me wrong there have been weeks where I have accomplished more but I have not felt nearly as fulfilled as this week. The biggest difference between those weeks and this week was I decided to solely focus on what I could do instead of what did not get done.

There are some weeks where I feel like progress is frozen and all my hard work isn’t paying off. This has nothing to do with profits for the month but everything to do with impact. While I was driving to work Tuesday morning, it hit me. I realized I only measured impact and service if it was someone or something new. I never thought about how many times my close friends and family members would tell me how I am helping them. Sometimes when we are considered the example, we do not allow ourselves to show our struggle.

The point of this week’s blog is to tell you that it’s not always about the expectation you put on yourself but the resume of the work you have already done. Never be afraid to evaluate what you have done and congratulate yourself on any progress. Hell even when we feel like progress is frozen, sometimes that is better than regressing. Stay winning good people.

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